1  Network coding in multiple access relay channel with multiple antenna relay [PROJECTS OMNET++]
2  Mining emerging user-centered network structures in location-based social networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
3  Hybrid spectrum sharing through adaptive spectrum handoff for cognitive radio networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
4  Influence maximization over strategic diffusion in social networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
5  Feasibility of simultaneous information and energy transfer in LTE-A small cell networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
6  Self-stabilizing TDMA algorithms for wireless ad-hoc networks without external reference [THESIS OMNET++]
7  Distributed multipath routing for data center networks based on stochastic traffic modeling [THESIS OMNET++]
8  Energy efficient handover algorithm for green radio networks [THESIS OMNET++]
9  IT and network SDN orchestrator for Cloud Data Center [THESIS OMNET++]
10  Emulating enterprise network environments for fast transition to software-defined networking [THESIS OMNET++]