1  Downlink capacity gain analysis of mobile relay in LTE-Advanced network [PROJECTS OMNET++]
2  Software-defined open architecture for front- and backhaul in 5G mobile networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
3  Smart Grid in radio access networks (SG-RAN): Smart energy management at cell-sites [PROJECTS OMNET++]
4  Data Allocation Techniques for Mobile Sensor Networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
5  Performance Analysis of BitTorrent-Like P2P Networks for Video Streaming Services at the Chunk Level [PROJECTS OMNET++]
6  Design of hierarchical routing protocol for heterogeneous airborne ad hoc networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
7  Distributed data centric similarity storage scheme in wireless sensor network [PROJECTS OMNET++]
8  Downlink resource allocation with cooperative transmission in EPON-WiMAX integrated network [PROJECTS OMNET++]
9  Performance of p-persistent slotted Aloha for underwater sensor networks [PROJECTS OMNET++]
10  Using network traffic to infer power levels in wireless sensor nodes [PROJECTS OMNET++]