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Function Design of Multimedia Monitoring System Based on Wireless Network
A Local Switch Markov Chain on Given Degree Graphs with Application in Connectivity of Peer-to-Peer Networks
Design and Implementation of a Reference Model for Context Management in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Solving Static Traffic Grooming with an Auxiliary Graph Model in WDM Mesh Networks
Differentiated link based QoS routing algorithms for multimedia traffic in MPLS networks
On a theory of network equivalence

omnet++ code
Fuzzy Positioning Algorithm Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Concurrent Operation of Half- and Full-Duplex Terminals in Future Multi-Hop FDD Based Cellular Networks
Optimizing Video Transmission for Broadband Cable Networks
Propagation models for nanocommunication networks
Achieving Context Awareness and Intelligence in Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks: A Payoff Propagation Approach
Relationship Privacy Preservation in Publishing Online Social Networks
Performance of multiservice dynamic reservation (MDR) TDMA for multimedia wireless networks
An adaptive call admission policy for broadband wireless multimedia networks using stochastic control
Adaptive Randomized Epidemic Routing for Disruption Tolerant Networks
A new queue-status resource allocation scheme for backhaul link in relay enhanced networks
On the Origins of Heavy-Tailed Delay in Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks
Testbed for mobile network operator scenarios

omnet++ code
Implementation of Distributed Kalman Filter Based on Mutual Coupled Oscillators in Sensor Networks
PADAVAN: Privacy-Aware Data Accumulation for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Information-driven distributed coverage algorithms for mobile sensor networks
Boosting social networks in Social Network-Based Recommender System
Identification & generation of constraints in social network

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