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Content networks: distributed routing decisions in presence of repeated queries
Performance modeling of safety message delivery in vehicular ad hoc networks
Building Distributed Attribute-Value Trees on DHT-based Networks
Integrated Transmitter Technology For WDM Transmission And Networking
Convergence of synchronous and asynchronous algorithms in multiclass networks
Video pricing for wireless networks

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Deaerator Water Level Control Based on Neuron Intelligent Control by Fieldbus Intelligent Control Network
A fuzzy forwarding pointer location mana gement strategy for personal communication networks
Performance analysis of proactive and reactive protocols in mobile Ad-hoc networking: A simulation based analysis
Oss architecture and requirements for VoIP networks
A Fuzzy Approach to Social Network Analysis

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Scallop : An open peer-to-peer framework for distributed sensor networks
A Simulation Package for Hot-Spot Traffic Relief in WCDMA Networks
A clock-sampling mutual network time-synchronization algorithm for wireless ad hoc networks
On congestion control for interactive real-time applications in dynamic heterogeneous 4G networks
High-speed wireless-optical access networks
A Mobile Peer-to-Peer Search and Retrieval Service for Social Networks
Traffic classification for round-robin scheduling schemes in ATM networks

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