Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++

Object Modular Test Bed in C++ which is a simulator provide a great component and simulation framework for wireless Network communication Omnet++ developed various framework are Sensim, Mixim and Castalia. Framework is extended in existing simulation process which is done by Mixim framework and originally developed for wireless mobile and wired communications.

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++

Mixim provide detail description for wireless connection, mobile communication and MAC (Medium Access Control) level communication protocol. Wireless sensor project in Omnet++ are the transformation of messages from sensor node to receiver node without any electrical device connection.

An another extension framework for Omnet++ is Sensim which ensure support for module node to denote each stack protocol layer, Internal management for sending message and node hardware.

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++:

  • Limited Radio frequency range.

  • Multiprocessor action at mean time.

  • Own infrastructure.

  • Less cost.

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++ uses most efficient method for various simulation processes. It is written text Description Language which is convenient to read, create and to process document in several language.

Wireless Sensor Projects in Omnet++

Simulation of wireless sensor network Projects in Omnet++:

Modules are described by framework for wireless sensor network. Frameworks are classified as

  • INET Framework:

  • Modules are described for PPP (Point to point protocol), Ethernet, 802.11.

  • Enhance mobility connection and wireless connection support baed on mobility framework.

  • Mobility Framework:

  • Modules are described for CSMA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access0 and 802.11

Wireless Sensor Network composed of large number of nodes with sensors and they are easily communicated by Radio channels. Network aim is to ensure each network composed of sensing physical variable which used to gain data and send back to base station. Wireless Sensor nodes are periodically programmed to monitor and view Environment continuously.

Usage of Wireless Sensor in Omnet++:

  • Landslide detection.

  • Water quality monitoring process.

  • Forest fire Detection.

  • Health care Monitor.

  • Natural Disaster prevention.

Omnet++ is able to understand various networks and to execute simulation in efficient way. So, many students are interested to study and analyze wireless sensor projects in Omnet++ with their private library functions and GUI tools to interact among real time Environment.