Research in omnet

A network service platform providing stable QoS based on dynamic allocation of distributed components
Patient similarity using network structure properties in online communities
A Packet Scheduling Framework for Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Modeling complex social scenarios using Culturally Infused Social Networks
Opinion Mining and Social Networks: A Promising Match

Research in omnet
Mine, mine, mine: information theory, infostation networks, and resource sharing
MobiSN: Semantics-Based Mobile Ad Hoc Social Network Framework
Efficient Mobile Mesh Networking:Testing Scalability Hypotheses
A joint bandwidth allocation and routing scheme for the IEEE 802.16j multi-hop relay networks
Energy-efficient power allocation for WDM/OCDM networks with particle swarm optimization
An energy balanced topology construction protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Development of Wireless Magnetoresistive Sensor Network for UXO and Landmine Detection
Toward self-organizing sectorization of LTE eNBs for energy efficient network operation under QoS constraints
Maximum-Bandwidth ALM Tree on Tree Network
Design and Implementation of the Network Server Based on SIP Communication Protocol
Throughput Range Based on Concurrent Transmission in Wireless Mesh Networks
Research in omnet

Content-based retrieval in peer-to-peer networks using cooperative caching

Autonomous Infrastructure Wireless Networks