B.E project in omnet

Design of an annular ring Ferry-assisted topology for Wireless Sensor Networks
Throughput-Optimal Scheduling Design With Regular Service Guarantees in Wireless Networks
Synchronization of a General Delayed Complex Dynamical Network via Adaptive Feedback
Dynamic resource control for continuous media traffic over ATM networks
Wireless Sensor Network Placement Algorithm
Applications of Topology Information for Cognitive Radios and Networks
Intelligent social network modeling

B.E project in omnet
Participatory Democracy and the Value of Online Community Networks: An Exploration of Online and Offline Communities Engaged in Civil Society and Political Activity
An analytical model to study the impact of time-varying cell capacity in LTE networks
Community-Affiliation Graph Model for Overlapping Network Community Detection
Network diversification-enabling innovation in network architecture and services
Joint subchannel and power allocation for D2D communications in cellular networks
Seamless Network Management in Presence of Heterogeneous Management Protocols for Next Generation Networks
Enhanced distributed explicit rate allocation for ABR services in ATM networks
Mobility estimation for wireless networks based on an autoregressive model
Topology-aware Virtual Network Embedding based on multiple characteristics
Secure communications in ad hoc networks

B.E project in omnet
The decomposition of a blocking model for connection-oriented networks
A Data Propagation Using Mobile Terminal in Locally Distributed Ad-Hoc Networks