B.Tech project in omnet

Performances and Limits of an Experimental Implementation of Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using Standardized Protocols
A New Synchronization Protocol on the Convergence of 3G Cellular Network and MANET
Metro WDM network with photonic domains

B.Tech project in omnet
Timing and dispersion in WDM optical star networks
Collaborative sequential detection in surveillance sensor networks
A cooperative Q-learning approach for distributed resource allocation in multi-user femtocell networks
Fault Tolerant Topology Control for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
HarvWSNet: A co-simulation framework for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks
A Performance Evaluation Study of Video-on-Demand Traffic over IP Networks
Cross-layer and one-hop neighbour-assisted video sharing solution in mobile ad hoc networks
Heterogeneous Interface Configuration in Wireless Mesh Networks

B.Tech project in omnet
On efficient discovery of next generation local area networks
An Analysis of Star Topology IEEE 802.11e Networks in the Presence of Hidden Nodes
A Multi-factors Cell Selection Scheme for Heterogeneous Networks with Multimedia Traffic
Adaptive multicast scheduling for HSDPA networks in mobile scenarios
Deployment of AAA Infrastructures in IPv6 Networks
Optical Networks for Grid and Cloud Computing Applications
Automatic Distance Adaption for Dominating Set-Based Clustering in Wireless Mesh Networks