M.Tech project in omnet


Neighbour cell list management in wireless heterogeneous networks
Social Network Discovery Based on Sensitivity Analysis
Link set sizing for networks supporting SMDS
Analysis of Network Lifetime in Hybrid Sensor Networks with Wired Shortcut
Congestion Control in Wireless Flow-Aware Networks
Performance analysis of decode-and-forward multi-hop transmission for vehicular networks
Optical layer shared protection using an IP-based optical control network
MagNets – experiences from deploying a joint research-operational next-generation wA Resource Allocation Strategy using FDMA over Wireless Relay Networks
Rate-control snoop : a reliable transport protocol for heterogeneous networks with wired and wireless links
EgyHet: An energy-saving routing protocol for wireless heterogeneous sensor networks
A Software Architecture for QoS Surveillance for Short Message Services in GSM Networks
Performance and trade-offs of opportunistic routing in underwater networks
On Path-length and Routing-tag Algorithm for Hybrid Irregular Multi-stage Interconnection Networks
Genetic Algorithm-Based Rules Discovery for Networked Manufacturing Resources Management